Someone turned 7!






Like every year, it’s hard to believe another has passed and Maya turned 7 last week! We love our little first-grader, and she’s growing up before our eyes. We celebrated with donuts when she got up in the morning, before heading to school for the day. Luckily she got up early enough to take a couple spins around the block on her new bike. She’s definitely growing and had outgrown her old bike. Blue is her favorite color, so she was excited about her new, blue bike!

A few days before her birthday, we had a party with some of her friends at Adventure Peak, a giant indoor park. She loved having all of her friends in one place to run around for an evening!

Some of our 7-year-old’s favorite things:
School. Maya loves everything about school. She’s happy to go every single day, and the prospect of missing a day is never a happy thing! We’re just a month into first grade, but it seems like it’ll be a great year. Her Spanish has come along so quickly already this year. She loves going to the library at school and art class is one of her other favorites. But math has been her favorite subject since the end of last year. She often says she wants to be a mathematician when she grows up.

Reading. Maya would love it if we would read to her for hours each day. She only wants chapter books for the most part. Magic Treehouse is her favorite series, aside from Harry Potter. She has joined the rest of the world in adoring Harry Potter! I had never read the books, and was excited to start reading them to her. We cruised through the first two books! She would have had me stay up reading all night, if my voice would have lasted! We’re on hold now because the books get scarier as they move on, so I’m not sure when we’ll dive into the third book. But I do know it’s going to be hard to stop her from reading them all! She’s often asking when we can start the next book! She made a comment the other day that she wished she could read better on her own so she could read when we’re not able to read to her. Her reading is definitely coming along in English and Spanish. Hopefully this year she’ll get a little closer to being able to read the things she wants on her own!

Art. She still loves art and spends much of her free time creating. When she doesn’t want to be a mathematician when she grows up, she wants to be an artist.

Biking. She loves, loves, loves to bike. Luckily it’s been a beautiful fall here, so she’s been able to take lots of long bike rides. And luckily Carter still loves being pulled in the trailer!

Winter trip to Puerto Vallarta

Here are a few highlights from this year’s trip to Mexico. As always it was an amazing week. But the highlight this year was seeing Maya use her Spanish. She made friends with several little girls who didn’t speak much English. She had so much fun with them at the pool throughout the week and was able to totally communicate with her new Spanish skills. There were even tears when she had to say goodbye to her best buddy. Hopefully she’ll see her again one day since she lives in the condo complex where my parents have rented the last few years.

Spring fiesta

These two crazy kids had a great time at La Academia’s spring fiesta. Maya was so excited because she had a speaking part in her class’s performance. She did a great job memorizing her lines and saying them during the show, even though she had butterflies! They played a few songs and did a few dances.

The kids both had a great time playing on the playground with lots of Maya’s friends, getting their faces painted and eating dinner at the food trucks.